Tansi Business Development Group is the Indigenous business arm of Canada North Camps Inc. We pride ourselves in providing “on the ground, practical,” community-based consultation approaches.

We provide a variety of services mainly camp and catering related. We also provide consultation services, leadership training, and cultural awareness training for and amongst industry/business service sector and community.

About Us


Our mission is to provide consultation and leadership training to the business sector including: oil and gas, for profit- business, and not for profit community based service sector. Our aim is to provide informed, quality consultation and leadership training.

We provide positive, proactive relationally based training that enhances business partnerships.

We pride ourselves in understanding and working in business and with Indigenous communities. We combine academic and lived community based experiences to provide a positive, professional learning experience.


Our vision is to assist the business sector (oil and gas, private sector and not for profit, community based services) engaging in healthy, conflict free business relationships.

Ethical Approach to Business Partnerships

We pride ourselves in practicing “ethical” business relationships.

We “walk-our-talk, and we practice what we preach.” In other words, we will not sell you something we are not prepared to do ourselves.

Core Business Values

  • T - Trustworthy
  • A - Alliances
  • N - Networking
  • S - Supportive
  • I - Innovative

Workplace Culture

Canada North Camps (TANSI Business Development Group) strive to have our customers and staff feel like members of our family. Everyone should feel safe and happy like they would at home. We do this by giving our hard working customers great meals, clean rooms, and a friendly environment.


We provide quality training and consultation services that are trustworthy, supportive, and innovative. Our on the ground, community based approach focuses on creative solutions to work place challenges.

We pride ourselves, and our partners in providing the following services:

  • Indigenous Business development (consultation – advice)
  • Community – Industry (solution focused results)
  • Strategic planning
  • Economic partnerships
  • Cultural awareness – diversity training
  • Capacity building (workshops built to industry need)
  • Stakeholder relations (mediation – circle processes)
  • Leadership and governance training (latest gurus on leadership)
  • Indigenous – business consultation services (Indigenous – western worldviews; harmonizing in workplace consultations)
  • Specific workshop design, delivery, and facilitation
  • Other workshops to “need”

Proud Partners

Tansi business development group aligns ourselves with experts in the field. Our goal is to ensure that those we provide services to “get the best.” When we give our best, your company wins too. We ensure “win-win” business solutions through our business partnerships.


".... Leadership often means going beyond the boundaries of your constituency and creating common ground with other factions, divisions, and stakeholders." (Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Leading, p. 191)

Enjoy our celebrations sections. Here we share a few of our most recent "celebrations," where we believe "the honor of one is the honor of all."

Contact Us

We align ourselves with associates that have professional training in the areas of legal counsel, governance, curriculum development design, delivery and workshop facilitation and cultural awareness training.

Our staff and associates bring a wealth of academic and workplace experience in our business consultation processes.

14238 – 134th Ave
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 5V8
Phone: 780.488.3391
Fax: 780.447.1933

John Fleming
Cell: (780) 288-3870
Email: john.fleming@tansigroup.com